Our Mission is to strengthen Jewish observance and to build a strong Jewish identity for ALL Jews in Boulder. 


At Boulder Center for Judaism we strive to build proud, strong identities in Judaism. We provide care and spiritual sustenance to every individual we meet along with communal events and celebrations.

We have been serving the Jewish community for over 30 years under the direction of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Our mission is to bring out the beauty and joy of Judaism to every Jew who walks through the door, regardless of background or affiliation.  We love to celebrate holidays together as a community along with Shabbat meals and prayer services, fun events, and Torah classes. 

Here's a little taste about what we do:

We personally distribute handmade Shmurah Matzah, p rovide Lulav and Esrog sets for the community. We hold public events such as Menorah lightings, and offer delicious Kosher food at the Boulder Jewish festival. We prepare Shabbat in a box or a taste of Holidays that we bring to community members. We host the Ask The Rabbi booth at the Farmer's market. 

On cyberspace, we provide inspiration through online classes and a large mass email. This is all in addition to the many programs that we do at the Chabad houseTorah and tea classes, social events, holiday celebrations, and services, visiting the elderly and sick + providing support/ resources to those that need.

Whether you're looking for a place to learn, pray, or connect with other Jews, we can't wait to see you soon! Welcome home ♡


  • Visitations of the Elderly
  • Adult Education
  • Children's Programs
  • Community Holiday Celebrations
  • Shabbat Services and Meals
  • Jewish Woman's Circle
  • Outreach Booths at Public Venues
  • Shabbat Services and Meals
  • Tefillin and Mezuzah Initiative
  • Hospital and Prison Visitation