• Chanukah Friday NightJoin a gaggle of guests for a magical Friday night Chanukah dinner with great food and inspiring conversation Read More
  • Brunch N' LearnHave you always yearned to learn more about Judaism, but haven’t found a way to make it relatable to your life? Are you looking for deep and practical answers for your Torah learning?

    Well then you've come to the right place. Get your answers to all your questions. Join like minded women and community visionaries as we explore Torah lessons. Light meal and delicious refreshments will be served.
About Boulder County Center for Judaism
Our philosophy is that no person is too small and that each person is an entire world.
Learning & Inspiration
  • “We Will Be As Dreamers”How humanity recovers from an absurd dream Read More
  • The Happiest Time of My Life: Facing a Life-Threatening Diagnosis“Joy breaks all bounds,” I would repeat to my husband. Read More
  • The Smile and Strength of Shaina CharitonowAs pious and devout as she was, she had an impish sense of humor and would stop at nothing to bring... Read More
  • What Happened at Marah?Following the Parting of the Sea, Moses sweetened water for the people to drink, and they were... Read More
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We are spiritual beings. Without nourishment for our souls, we are plagued by insatiable cravings—like a body lacking essential nutrients. The spiritual is to us like manna. It is our lifeline, yet we so much fear living from it. Most of us would rather sink our teeth into a steak, or at least a potato—something that feels like a part of our world—than to grapple with a rich but mystifying bread from heaven. But we can't call this life unless we reach beyond ourselves, beyond...
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