Have you ever tried to read the Bible on your own? It can be confusing and frustrating. But if you’re post Bat Mitzvah age, there are not a lot of options for classes for beginners. Or maybe you’re not a beginner, but you want to spend some time with a small group of women who want to study Chumash and the commentaries. Either way, Chany Scheiner, Director of  Boulder Center For Judaism, has created a class just for you.

   Beginning, of course, at the very beginning, this class will focus on Beraishit, (Genesis) the first book of the Torah and will include discussion of the root words first seen here that are repeated time and time again throughout the Torah, as well as the concepts inherent in creation itself, a topic of particular interest to women as the creators and carriers of human life.

   All that is required is an interest in discussing and dissecting the finer points of Chumash with other women in a non-judgmental and encouraging environment.

  • You can’t read Hebrew? Don’t worry, English translations are available.
  • You’ve never studied the Bible before? Never fear, there will be students of every level and a love of learning is more important than previous knowledge.
  • You’re pretty well versed in all this? Come and hear other women’s perspectives and fine-tune your own understanding.
  • You’re not really into classes – too much structure. Don’t worry, this is a small and informal gathering where everyone’s insights will be honored.
  • Still not sure, come to a class and check it out – no pre-commitment required.

   Classes will convene at the Chabad House (4900 Sioux Drive, Boulder CO) every Shabbat morning from 10:00 to 11:00am.

   The first few classes are:

  • Saturday, October 12
  • Saturday, October 19
  • Saturday, October 26 

   There is no cost to attend, and both women and girls are welcome, but it would be helpful if you would RSVP to lbkosher@gmail.com  so we know how many people to expect.